Probate Lawyer

ProbateIf you have been named as the Personal Representative (excutor) of an estate, you may feel overwhelmed – you need a Probate Lawyer. When you come to my office, we will talk about what is required of you in that position.

Different options you may want to consider: Should you try to wade in and do it yourself? Should you do it yourself with occasional advice from an probate attorney? Should you hire an attorney to assist with the probate – opening, administering, and closing?

An probate lawyer can, among other responsibilities, help:

  • Assess possible issues and make recommendations.
  • Evaluate whether probate is necessary.
  • Prepare and file required court documents.
  • Appear in court, when necessary.
  • Make the required notices and other communications.
  • Determine probate and non-probate assets.
  • Assist with inventorying the estate assets.
  • Evaluate your Estate Plan.

You can decide how much, or how little, assistance you need as the executor. We will work together to find a solution, customized to your individual needs and preferences.

Both of us will be confident that you have made the best decisions about how you will handle your duties.