Elder Law Attorney

Senior LivingElder law planning is a process of ensuring that your senior years are as secure and enjoyable as possible. Crisis-mode decision making may mean that one or more of your goals has to be abandoned. I will assist you in clearly defining your objectives and trying to reconcile conflicts among them.

Estate Planning is one part of the equation. Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advance medical directives are the foundation building blocks of your plan, and Probate is the coda.

A second part of the equation, though, may be unique to seniors. Or it may involve considerations that have become meaningful to you as you’ve grown older. Those issues may include some of the following goals:

  • Living as long as possible in your own home.
  • Preserving your estate for your children or grandchildren.
  • Maintaining your standard of living.
  • Providing for family members who have special needs.
  • Giving assets to your children or grandchildren.
  • Providing for charities.
  • Avoiding depletion of your assets for long-term care.

We can work together to reconcile seemingly-competing elder law goals. As more and more challenging situations confront seniors, creative problem solving is the key to achieving your hopes for your senior years. I will help you navigate the many options and find custom approaches that work for you and your family.